We are always looking for more information about  “Family”. William Wesley, George Washington, or Sara Aliss Robershaw, including descendants !!

We need information for G.mother Mary Galbreath. We are looking for information for G.mother Josephine Nance [Love] Born Mar.1,1873 in Clay Co. Al.

We are searching for the Family of George F. Love born in Clay Co. Alabama in 1862.We belive his Father was Lee Love and his Mother was Mary A. Nappier.

Their other children were, John W, James T, & Jefferson Davis Love!!

Marchese Names

We are looking for information on the Marchese family in Palermo, Sicily. So far we know that Giovanni Marchese married Maria Megna and they had a son, Placido, born Jan.5,1838 in Palermo Sicily.

Placido married Rosalia Anello Dec. 31, 1860. Most of the children came to America at turn of the century.They are from the Mezzomoreale area of Palermo. When Rosalia died in 1878, Placito married again in 1883.

Other names of the family we are looking for is Anello, Pavia, Barker, Roth, & Ginther.

Thanks for taking the time to look this far into the Web Page. It has been fun looking at the photos of “Family” and Friends .The memories has more than offset any  inconvience in putting everything together. Hopefully we will be able to get everything to work, for we have more pictures and pages we would love to share in the future !! God Bless, Ron and Marlene

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