Mrs Bonnie was born August 23,1912 in Bluffton, AL. She is the youngest daughter of Sara Alis Robershaw and Lee Andrew Hudgins. She married James R. Bowman September 3,1927.They had eleven children. To keep young,Mrs.Bonnie now plays bingo three times a week!! A party was given by the family @ Tanners State Park in Carrollton, Georgia on Sunday,August 25, 2001 to celebrate her 89 th birthday!!As you look @ the pictures from the party,you will see that she has been blessed not only by God but by her family as well !!Below is a poem written by her , Great Grand daughter, Elena Maria Thompson

Birthday Party For  Mrs. Bonnie Hudgins-Bowman

I know a lady unlike any other

She is Nanny Bonnie, my great grandmother.

I remember my summers when I was a child

Staying with Nanny Bonnie, was exciting and wild.

Growing up in the city, far from my roots

Left me bewildered when I stepped in her boots.

She can do so many things, she knows how to live

All those old wives tales used to make me laugh

But they really do work, Ive tried at least half.

And hearing her stories of the days of old

Are my priceless memories that can never be sold.

She truly is wonderful, she is queen of our tree

And Im a proud leaf descending from Nanny Bonnie.

I love you Nanny Bonnie, Happy Birthday~ Love, Elena

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