The Wilbern Love Family

Wilbern Love was born November 1, 1898 and was living in Clay County in 1930, before moving to Talledega, Alabama where he worked in the cottonmill. He met his wife Matttie Griffin in Clay County. They were married on, December 26, 1920, in LaGrange, Georgia.She lived to celebrate 100 years of age, and died June 30, 2003 at her home in Talledga, Alabama.

The 1940 Census

50th year Anniversary Invitation!
Mom, Lois Love sister to Wilbern and best friends with Mattie!!
Wilbern and Mattie's daughter Edna Sue and her husband Paul Pitts. Paul was career Army and served during the war. Pictured to the left he is holding their son Jimmy! Edna ended up living near San Antonio, Texas with her son Jimmy living close by!
Son Huel was in the Navy, attended the University of Alabama and became a successful attorney in his hometown, Talledega, Alabama.
Huel's law practice shingles in Talledega. It is a Family affair!!
Edna Sue on left, Huel in center, their Aunt Barsie on right, Wilbern's youngest sister!!
Huel and wife Betty's children, Carla and Ken Love!!
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Aunt Mattie at her reception with her 2nd husband Melvin Ritch. She loved him very much also, and she also out lived him!!