Visiting Mrs. Bonnie June 18, 2005

Saturday June 18th, 2005, my wife Marlene, cousin Hal and I, set out to visit cousin Mrs. Bonnie who lives in Villa Rica, Ga. It is about a two hour drive from Attalla, Al. We got a little lost but her daughter Shirley, from Texas met us at the freeway and with her help arrived about noon! It seemed to be perfect timing, for there was also younger sister Carol and granddaughter Lisa Edison.

We had been informed previously that Mrs. Bonnie would not be able to attend the Robershaw Reunion because of an inoperable heart condition! She will be 93 on August23, 2005.

She is a vibrant and joyful person to be around. So we are Thankful for this opportunity to enjoy her fellowship. It is also a joy to see the love lavished on her, by her Family! She is the last surviving child of our Great Aunt, Sara Alice Robershaw Smith Hudgins.

Daughter Shirley on left and Niece Lisa  hugging up to Mrs. Bonnie with her youngest daughter Carol looking on!

Cousin Hal on the left and myself on right of Mrs. Bonnie!

Graveyard site of her father Bose Hudgins and her mother Sara Alis at Cemetery, in back of Salem Baptist Church in Bluffton, Al.

Salem Baptist Church, Bluffton, Alabama.

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Graveyard site of her brother Herman Hudgins.