Visiting Jack's Family

Columbus, GA July 6, 2013

A part of our Family Reunion trip to Alabama was Sunday July 7th. I knew my brother Jack's grandson Jack 3rd was active at Northside Baptist in Columbus. So I had been in contact with my niece Astoria and she said she would be happy to attend Church with us so we could meet Jack and his Family! It was a wonderful day of fellowship with other believers as they celebrated the Holiday with a pot luck lunch honoring our service men! Above left is Astoria with Jack, on the right is Astoria and Jack's wife Louise with new baby Allie. In the center I had the honor of meeting Jack and we were invited to share the potluck luncheon!!
Here are a couple of pictures of Astoria and Louise visiting while we were waiting for Jack to arrive. It was crowded and we were trying to stay out of the lines to the luncheon!! Baby Lucy joined us and Astoria got the duty of holding her. Is that really a duty?
Jack and Louise had some cards with the baby pictures made up to give to their friends and they were kind enough to share with us!! The babies name's are Grace, Lucy and Allie!! Louise's Dad, Jerry Speer is Pastor of the Church and a descendant of the Speer Family. I had found and old picture of the singing Speer Family in my Mom's old album that I brought to share with them. A special Thank You to niece Astoria for her kindess in showing us about!!

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The music for this page is the Speer Family singing, O' the Glory did Roll, with the Gaither Homecoming Group!!