Visiting Jack's Family

Columbus, GA 2013

Page Two

Willie Jack Robershaw-Link
My brother Willie Jack's. wife Juanita above with grand daughter April Ranita and her fiancee Frank. Juanita and daughter Astoria had planned on attending the Robershaw Reunion, however Juanita had a severe tumble down a set of stairs and had not fully recovered. It worked out wonderfully, that our return trip was that evening out of Atlanta!! It must have been the work of the Lord, because we normally fly into and out of Birmingham, AL.
Frank, April and their baby William!!
Juanita and her daughter Astoria who lives with Juanita and takes care of her!!
My wife Marlene remembering how she used to do it?
Grandson Ladon Scott Hobbs, son of daughter Donna.
My wife Marlene joins the girls at the table. Marlene has changed clothes for the trip home!!
Sisters, Astoria and Donna!!
Juanita, Astoria, Donna, and me!! There is a reason we are all hanging out at the table? Juanita had cooked a pot roast while we were at Church and it had just got done!! Time for dinner?
Juanita, Astoria, Donna and my wife Marlene!!
Great grandmother Juanita gets her turn holding the baby? As the Family shares the moment!!
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