Visiting Bluffton, Alabama

On Friday June 24th, 2005, Hal and I took a trip out to the ghost town of Bluffton. In it’s prime in 1888, there was a population of about 8000 residents. Today there is only the Salem Baptist Church shown on the previous Page and a mobile home whose yard is used as a wrecking yard. It is sitting about where the Signal Hotel used to exist. Below are some photo’s  of headstones for some of Sara Alis Robershaw 1st husband and their Family.

William A. Smith, 1st husband of Sara Alis.

Melton Smith, father-in-law of Sara Alis.

Sarah Rouse Robershaw Bass, mother of Sara Alis.

Nearby home where youngest son William Everett Smith and wife Alma Price raised their family!

Cousins Hal Robershaw and Alma Smith at her home in nearby Tecumseh, Alabama. Tecumseh was the location of one of the iron ore mines, that supported Bluffton!

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Signal Hotel, Bluffton Alabama