Visiting Robershaw Cousins

Alabama 2010

This is cousin Hal and his two adopted sons, Donald and Christopher Long. Hal has gone back to work as a security guard to help support these new additions to his Family. One of the 1st place’s we stopped was Clayton Cemetery. My son Tom had been there before and believed there was some erosion problems. What became apparent was the erosion of the Sandstone Headstones. The information on them was barely legible. Hal is looking into the cost of placing new flat marble headstones in front of the originals. Below are Photos of the originals!!

This a photo of Grandmother Maggie "Galbreath" Robershaw's.This type is what we have in mind? Any thoughts are welcome!!

On Saturday, June 19th, we had made and appointmemt with cousin's, Robert and Hal to get together with their families for lunch. We had about and hour of free time so we drove up to the Falls!! There were people playing on the beach area below the falls. We were having such a good time visiting, while we were having lunch, we forgot to take pictures!! There was also the distraction of and old fashion thunderstorm!!!
On Sunday afternoon, we were own our way to visit cousin Billy Ray Robershaw in Decatur, AL. Marlene and I had made reservations at the Guntersville State Lodge. This was the view for our balcony. I highly recomend it, if you are in the area. If you look at the pictures of Billy Ray and Glenda, you can see that old addage about hard work being good for you is true!! They worked till about 7:00 PM and was up at 6:00 AM the next day. They run Robershaw Pool Service in Decatur. I had made contact with a distant relative in Birmingham, trying to get a picture of Billy Ray's sister Joyce Robershaw. Joyce is the only member of Uncle Zelton's Family we do not have a picture of, on the website!!

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