Tom's Birthday

51 years of age

June 12, 2021

Here is a picture of Tom's Birthday cards etc. Marlene and I were so Happy to visit Tom and the Family, not only to share his Birthday, but to hear about his & the children's trip to Puerto Rico. Tom wanted to share with his kids what he had seen, when he visited there a couple of years ago. He also has business interest there. Click below for Video of his pictures:


Tom on the left is opening up his special gift from Mom Marlene!! On the right it is a special quilt. The is a very colorful hand sewn quilt top that we inherited from Mom Lois Robershaw, Tom's grandmother. Marlene took it and put every thing together & took it to a friend who sewed it together with a beautiful design. The machine was a computer run sewing machine . Then Marlene took it home sewed the edges together by hand!! Marlene also took pictures and gave them to Tom, showing it being put together!!
Here Tom is holding his Birthday Card from Mom & Dad. It was a neat card!!
Mom Marlene made two Casatta cakes for the occasion. One has his name Tom & the other has Fifty One on top!! This was after wife Kim had fixed a special dinner of Sirloin Steak Tips and potatoes, carrots, & watermelon!!
Tom getting ready to light the candles for the occasion!!
Son Justin is close to catching up with Dad in height? A couple of more years or maybe!! Mom Kim is getting the ice cream ready to dish out!!
Tom lighting the cake with wife Kim & Olivia and Chloe taking a picture. We then sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed Cake & Ice Cream for a fun time together!!

As you can see by the pictures above, there is some nice scenery in Puerto Rico. The picture with the pigeons on the right is very similar to Saint Marks Square in Venice Italy!! The pigeons are so interested in getting you to feed them they don't fly around much. So you don't worry about your head? Goggle wouldn't open the link from Tom except in my mail box. Perhaps you could ask tom to send you a link to see his other photos!! Video of other Pictures!!

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