Tom Robershaw Birthday

June 10-11, 2022

Tom and his Family came down on June the 10th, early to help Dad Ron with some chores around the house? Dad Ron is getting old & has a couple of serious health issues!! Above is Family Olivia, Chloe, Justin & across the table is Mom Kim, Dad Tom & his Mom Marlene!! Tom chose this special Italian Restaurant in Ramona that was at the same location when we came to Ramona in 1980!!
Ah, the food is starting to come and Dad Ron gets his Pizza!! Justin likely is wondering where his order is?
A good picture of Kim, the Birthday Boy Tom and his Mom Marlene!!
A good picture of Justin with his dinner ?? It was too hot, he had to wait to eat it, something Justin does not like to do. But his grandma was the last to get her order, a Calzoni, just in time to leave !!!
The girls Olivia & Chloe were 1st to get served, Tortalinni with Porchini (ham). They loved their choice for dinner!!

June 11th 2022

On this day all the Family worked hard to help, Grandparents Ron & Marlene catch up with work around the house. Son Tom continued to help me with the sprinkler system. Kim and the children helped grandma Marlene vacuum the floors etc. Then Kim cooked a wonderful Birthday Dinner for the Family!!

Tom after the Italian dinner, Mom made him a Sicilian Birthday cake, a Cassata !!!! filled with Ricotta and topped with thick chocolate-coffee.
Yes, another Sicilian Cassata Birthday cake, Mom Marlene fixed two. Above it has the candles ready to be lite!!
This is Gelato, or Italian ice cream to go with the cake. It was very good and went well with the cake!!
A happy Mom Marlene with her youngest of 4 children. Tom enjoys his Italian heritage with his Mom!! They have made a couple of trips to Italy together!!
Tom looking at the Gift Card from Mom and Dad. His Birthday would be celebrated the next day, by going to Church and enjoying Fellowship with Friends & Family!!
The Birthday Boy Tom sharing picture taking with Mom Marlene above & Dad Ron below!! Then it was back home in Saddleback Ranch!!
After us singing Happy Birthday, Tom blew out the candles and shared his cake with the Family!!
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