Timothy Love
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Timothy Love was born in 1903 in Elmore County, Al. He died in 1987 at Valley, Al. Tim played the fiddle in the Love Brothers Band.Tim worked in the cotton mills in the area. Later in life he owned a small mobile park. I went with my brother Jack to visit him in a convalence home while I was on vacation in 1986. This photo was made in 1941.

May Hubbard, wife of Timothy Love passed away at the age of ninety five at a rest home in Valley, Al. She was a life long nurse at a local hospital. Her hobby was pottery!
This is Tim and his wife Willie Mae Hubbard in abt. 1937-38.
This photo was taken in Tijuana. Tim was visiting his son Barry who was stationed in San Diegc while serving in the Navy!
This is their only child Barry Love. This is his school photo, 58-59.
Left to right, Tim Love, his older sister Lizzie, younger sister Barsie and wife Willie Mae in her nurses uniform. Standing behind is son Barry Love?
This is Barry and his bride Kim from Alabama. Barry was stationed in San Diego, CA. He had another young lady friend, he seemed to be in love with, but his Mom was a very strong willed woman and insisted that he marry her pick for him!!
This was the wedding party! L. to R. The Minister was A G Robershaw, best man, Ron Robershaw, groom Barry Love, wife Kim, bridesmaid, Le Merle Robershaw Lunsford and her husband Jess Lunsford.
Left to right, Willie Mae, Barsie Love Baxter, her husband Troy Baxter and Lizzie Love Brown!
The reception was given by Barry's Aunt Lois Love Robershaw at her home in San Diego, CA.
Uncle Tim's headstone, I believe he was buried in Lafayette where his Mom is entomed.

A newspaper write-up about his retirement!!


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