The Good Old Days
The center article was written by sister Le Merle on the left above. It is her memories of our lives about living in the Good Old Days! The picture on the right is brother Reginald. This is their school pictures from that period in our lives. I remember when younger sister Le Verle was born, getting woke up and going to the neighbors with the rest of the kids, to spend the night. The article covers the time from about 1938 to 1947-48. Then we moved into the house below that Dad had built.
The picture above is Reginald, Jack and Le Merle, my guess is about 1937? Brother Don in the center appear's to be about seven. In the picture on the right, is brother Don, younger sister Le Verle and myself. I don't recall the location, but I would guess the year is about 1948-49.
We kids stopped by our old house after our Reunion in 1999 . It was vacant at that time. In the next picture, the house has been remodeled. Dad was the architect, for the original stone section, he had the plans in his head, there were no formal drawings that we know of!! Dad built the house with clay block, quarried the stone and veneered the block by himself with the help of brothers Reginald and Jack! He also worked to earn a living, in this time frame of about three years. We lived there till about 1956, when Dad sold everything and moved to CA to be with brother Reginald!! And on the right are sister's Le Verle and Le Merle and brother Don in the Family Tradition of visiting the old home place in 2005 after a Robershaw Reunion. We have tried to find where our other home was, all we find are trees and brush!!
Dad, Mom, baby Jack and brother Reginald, about 1932, living in a farm house somewhere in Etowah County, AL. After the war Dad had taken over the lease of a stone quarry from a Jim Whitten. I heard it was because Mr. Whitten had a drinking problem. With a lot of hard work by 1950 Dad had earned enough money, to buy a new car, and take a trip to San Diego, CA and visit son Reginald who was in the Navy. We also went to Los Angles and visited cousin Harold Robershaw and his Family!! On the right Dad and Mom are visiting her sister Barsie in GA.
L. to R. Georgia Reid, sister Le Verle, Mom Lois, Bill Reid, cousin Halbert, brother Don in white shirt. The boy in front appears to be nephew Monte Lunsford, I don't know who the others in the picture are. I think we were on a Family picnic?
Well what can I say? Dad let me drive the car on a date!!

A young Pauline Long, the second wife of Uncle Lester Robershaw and mother of cousin Halbert Dewey Robershaw!!



Note: The music playing is in remembrance of those days of hurrying home after school to listen to, The Lone Ranger, or The Shadow Knows? On Sunday afternoon, Mom always listened to "Old Fashioned Revival Hour" by Dr. Charles Fuller. On our trip in 1950, we stopped at Long Beach Auditorium and looked at pictures of services held there!!

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