Robershaw Thanksgiving 2020

With Ron & Marlene Robershaw

November 26, 2020

A beautiful day in Ramona, CA for Thanksgiving!!
A card expessing hope for the Future on the counter!! Only two of the boys, John & Tom with their famlies were able to come this year. They both came the day before Thanksgiving and were able to spend the night. On the right is a bowl of tangerines that son John brought from his back yard!! They were delicious!!!
Two pies that Mom Marlene had baked, a bottle of wine and tangerines that son John had brought. John's son Giavanni helping grandmother Marlene set the table & more goodies on the right. John's older son Nieto graduated from High School in June & joined the Navy and is in South Carolina going to school.
Marlene with kitchen helper daughter in law Kim, wife of son Tom. And the main event item above a deep fried Turkey that son Tom ordered & brought!! And on the right is son John's wife Elaine which also brought part of the servings for the Family!!
Son Justin checking out what Dad Tom brought for dinner? Of course above is a good picture of the main course!! And on the right Elaine is putting things out with Mom Marlene helping son Tom cut the turkey and Kim cooking something on the stove. Dinner is on the way!!

Well all that work of Love has paid off. The counter is filled and dinner is ready to be served. And believe me the turkey was as good as it looks!!

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