Robershaw Thanksgiving

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Val and Ken has a nice TV for playing games, here Nieto and Giovanni are seeing who is the Best??
Ken and Val have to cute dogs, which we all petted or played with. Giovanni is having his turn!!
Well it is Thanksgiving, on the left is a smoked Ham and on the right is a smoked Turkey, both were wrapped with Bacon!! Ken had to keep going out into the rain to check on them while they cooked, the Turkey was a 22 lbs one!!!!!!!!!
This the dressing for the meal.
And a fresh salad also!!
Then the fun began for Ken!! I was watching and it kinda looked like a labor of love!!
Two Apple Pies from Marlene, YUM YUM!!
Whipped Cream, special Cookies, 3 per person {I only had 3, honest} Ice Cream and other goodies to snack on !!!!!!!!! That is part of what makes Thanksgiving Special!!
On the left John and Giovanni are sharing a Buffalo Gun from about 1888. Ken looked it up while we were there!! And when we 1st came in Val had us write on a card what we were Thankful for this Thanksgiving. In the picture on the right, she would read the card and we had to guess whose card it was? Marlene guessed me when my card came up!! And another Great Day with Family came to a close, so Marlene and I hope to see you Christmas!! Love Ron
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