Robershaw Thanksgiving 2018

with Ron and Marlene

Page Two

The Thanksgiving dinner is over and what a great time to sit and visit with your relatives. In the picture on the left Mom Marlene, son John and his Family, and sister Valerie and husband Ken. On the right they are joined by Katie and Abbie adopted twin daughters of Ken and Val. In the center picture Nieto is visiting with his Aunt Natalie!!
School teachers John and Elaine!!
And the two children that made Thanksgiving 2018 a success!! Son Tom and sister Valerie!!
A more intimate time of sharing, Mom Marlene with daughter Valerie!!
Proud Dad John with his son Nieto. Nieto is a very responsible teenager, he will soon be getting his drivers license. He also plays the guitar and is in the school Show Choir.
Well here I am playing a game of Trouble with my two 10 year old grandsons. Needless to say I stayed in trouble and came in last. Justin was second and Giovanni was the winner!!
Sister-in-laws Elaine, Kim and Natalie. Each brought something to share with us for dinner!!
This is special to me. The cousins don't get to visit often, and at first are reluctant to get involved with each other. Toward the end they are playing together like I did when my cousins visited me!!
Yes, a Happy ending indeed, daugther Valerie and her husband Ken suggested that next year we could have the Party at their home. Of course, Marlene and I both agreed that was a good idea!!
One last group picture of the attendee's at our 2018 Thanksgiving dinner, once again a fun Family time has come to a Happy ending!!
And the next morning grandkids Chloe and Justin are helping Papa Ron put up Christmas lights before they went home!!
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