Robershaw Thanksgiving 2018

with Ron and Marlene

Thanksgiving 2018 is here and we are facing the challenges of growing older. We recognize and appreciate the Blessings of life more!!
Daughter Natlie with daughter-in-law Elaine, looking pretty in their black attire!!
Grandmother Marlene with grand daughters Chloe and Olivia!!
Son Tom, who took on the job of working with Mom Marlene, and other members of the Family to make sure we had a Turkey and a Happy Thanksgiving. Mom Marlene has been ill for a while, and Tom stepped in to Help!!
Son John is the husband of wife Elaine above. They had just returned from a trip to Disneyland with son's Giovanni and Neito!!
The table's are set, {3} Mom Marlene has not lost her touch in planning. She directed how many chairs and places to be set. And on the right has her place reserved!!
Yes, the main event has arrived!! After Scripture reading and Prayers we all filled our plates and enjoyed the fruit of God's Blessings!! Two of the Prayers was by grandkids Chloe and Giovanni.
Since Mom Marlene had been ill, son Tom drove to Compton CA to purchase the deep fried Turkey on the left. Much to our suprize son-in-law Ken Currier cooked the smoked Turkey on the right. So Tom went from concern about not having enough to a concern about having to much!!!!
Well Yes, there were leftovers!! On the left Turkey from the deep fried. In the middle leftovers from the smoked Turkey. And on the right leftovers from the three pies that daughter Val brought. I know one was pumpkin, the one on left is pumpkin with pecans, and the one the middle is apple pie!! Needless to say it is always fun to see what daughter Val brings for dessert, you can bet on it being great!!
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