Robershaw Thanksgiving 2017

with Ron and Marlene

The tables are ready, let the fun begin!!
Yes, only two tables this year!! Several in the Family had other commitment's this year. Hopefully we will have a full house for Christmas!!
Son John and sister Val, John brought his two boys on Monday so they could spend more time with Grandother Marlene. Daughter Val is an excellent cook and it is always a treat when she visits. The desserts? Wow!!!!!!!!!!
A proud Dad John with sons Nieto and Giovanni.
Wife Elaine joins John and the boys here!!
One of Val's older twin girls Julia sitting with one of Val's adopted twin girls Abbie.
This is multi-talented Giovanni at the piano. He plays in a basketball league, he asked me to take him and hit golf balls. He is also very passionate about music. He loves classical music, especially Bethoven. In 3 days he learned to play2 pages of Beethoven's 5th Symphony by memory.
Mom Val posing with daughter Julia, Katie and Abbie. Katie and Abbie play a game with me by holding their books up so I can't take their picture!!
Son John volunteered to do the carving and Mom Marlene is making sure all is ready!!
Yes, here it is, Marlene got up at 3 a.m. to put it in the oven so it would be ready by lunch time!! On the right grandson Giovanni is giving his approval with a Thumbs Up!!
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John has it by himself now, and did a great job of cutting it up in good pieces!!