Thanks to our Lord for another year of good health and too many good Blessing to name!! Only son John and daughter Natalie with their Family was able to join us this year. As usual it was a fun time, and Thanks to John's son's Neito, and Giovanne my Christmas Decorations are in place!!
Well these two pictures pretty much sums up the day? Marlene did a Great job as usual with the Thanksgiving preparation!! In addition there was candied yams, homemade apple sauce, cranberry sauce, dressing, gravy, corn casserole, cookies and ice cream for the pie!!
Natalie's daughters, Sarina and Rachael at the dinner table. Yes, folks they do modeling!!
My helper Giovanne!!
This is serious bussiness!!
John, wife Elaine, Giovanne at the dinner table with Mom Marlene and his niece Sarina at the far end.
Son John , wife Elaine, boys Nieto and Giovanne. Sorry about the back-lighting..
Son's Nieto, Giovanne and Dad John!!
The girls chatting around the kitchen nook. Mom Marlene, daughter Natalie, and daughter-in-law Elaine.
Well, after a BIG MEAL, you're supposed to take a nap? Teenager Rachael ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Marlene visiting with daughter Natalie, getting caught up on the what is happening?
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