Robershaw Thanksgiving 2013

With Ron & Marlene

Our special guest, Berta Angel. Berta is Marlene's aunt and is 97 years old. We were not sure she would be able to attend this year, due to some recent health issues!!
The Turkey!!
The Table!!
Elaine's sons Nieto and Giovanna, being boys!!
Grand daughter Anna with foster sister Katie!!
Daughter-in-law Elaine Pablo with her sons in the background.
The kitchen crew, Val, Kim, Mom Marlene with son John looking on? The girls joining Julia, Anna, Abbie, Katie, Chloe and Olivia!!
Grand daughter Julia the artist!!
Brothers John and Tom!!
Grand daughter Chloe with her brother Justin!!
Son Tom with Aunt Berta!!
Grandmother Marlene had made G. son Nieto a walkie-talkie with styrofoam cups to play with!!
Grandson's Justin, sister Chloe, and Giovanna, are playing on the deck!!
All the grand kids posing for a picture!!
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