Thanksgiving 2012

With, Ron and Marlene Robershaw

The girls in the kitchen, where all the work happens? Marlene with her daughter Natalie!! Both have December birthdays. Seriously Marlene got up about 3:00 A.M. to start the turkey cooking!!
The Families at the table. Son Tom, Natalie, and Neal Sundberg, all came and brought their children. Son John came later in the afternoon after having Thanksgiving with his wife's family.
Marlene's Aunt Berta Angel, {96 years old} was healthy enough to visit again this year. She lives in La Mesa, which is almost an hour one way!!
Julia, Sarina, and twins, Olivia and Chloe on the left. They are joined by Rachel and Anna on the right at the table drawing. The girls are all artistic. Julia is more into art more than sister Anna who is into swimming!!
Well us fellas are letting lunch settle while we watch a football game? Ron on left, Neal and Tom with his son Justin!!
Grandson's Justin and Giovanna playing with the race cars!!
Cousin Neito joined the twins Chloe on left and Olivia on right playing a board game!!
Well my son Tom offered to help me put up the Christmas tree lights Thanksgiving afternoon. I couldn't resist and offer that included the help of grandson Justin!! He helped me hold the lights as his Dad Tom tied them in place! In the picture on the right Tom took the Family to Lego Land on Saturday after Thanksgiving on their way home to Orange, County!!



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