Robershaw Thanksgiving 2011

With Ron and Marlene

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Daughter Valerie in the middle, with husband Ken on her left and his father, Bob Currier in the foreground!!
In the dark shirt John Phillips is helping his great Aunt Berta to her seat! Berta is 95 years old!!
In the foreground is Bob Currier and wife Maryl. Next to her is Nieto and his Mom Elaine Pablo.
Husband John join's Elaine with bigger kids in the background. Left to right, Anna, grandmother Marlene, Sarina, Rachel, and Julia!!
After lunch, all the Family got to say hi to grand daughter Katharine, who is away at College on Skype!! Then above all was enjoying a DVD of Anna, Julia and Katharine when they were babies!!
Host Marlene Robershaw is visiting with guest Maryl Currier!!
A little after dinner fun! Sister's, Natalie on left and Valerie on the right, with daughter's Rachel and Anna being cute in the background!
Another picture of Maryl Currier, Nieto and Elaine, perhaps having seconds, the food was GOOD!!

Son- in- law Ken Currier, chilling out, checking out the football game!! Actually I was looking in also!!


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