Texas Trip 2004

Our host’s, Don and Sharon Robershaw, Deer Park {Houston, TX]. When we were there last time their home was still under repair from a Hurricane that had flooded everything! What a pleasant and Happy Surprise, they had fully recovered and the home was beautifully decorated in the Victorian style.

Our traveling group, Bro. Don. Sis. Leverle, wife Marlene, myself and Don’s wife Sharon seated!

Don and I sight seeing the next day in Corpus Christi, TX..Standing near a replica of one of Columbus's ships.

Our host’s in Corpus Christi { Padre Island } Mamie “Robershaw” & her husband Dieter Borrmann. Dieter & Mamie met while she was serving as a Army nurse in Germany! We are at Snoop’s restaurant on the bay!

Don in front of a replica of one of Columbus’s ship, two are in the city museum, we took a tour, it was very informative!

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The four Robershaw’s, Don, Leverle, Mamie and Ron!