Visiting Texas

August 2019

This Dear Lady, Sharon made my stay with them a time of fun from my arrival in Houston. Sharon was waiting for me at the baggage area at the Airport when I arrived. Then Don comes by and picks us up!!
This is Don and Sharon's Great Grand daughter Emma Love. When Sharon 1st introduced Emma to me? She told Sharon she didn't like me because I was OLD!! Thankfully over time she shared one of her marbles with me!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the wonderful things about Brother Don is the emphasis on Family. On the left I am posing with Don's oldest son Danny. Needless to say I have always been the runt of our Robershaw Family. On the right I am posing with youngest son Matt. After I arrived there was a lady working in the kitchen. It was Matt's girl friend, she was cooking dinner? Matt had better hold on to her, she cooked a Chicken Alfredo dinner that was good enough to be paid for!! Yum, Yum!!
Well after a big meal, we deserve a good dessert, right? Well sister Le Verle knew the perfect place, the Farm House Lake Restaurant at Lake Livingston!!
It is Texas and the Banana Cream pie above is what Don's wife Sharon chose!!
Sister Le Verle was kind enough to invite us up to Goodrich, Texas to go out to the local Catfish Restaurant for lunch? Above we are on her front porch getting ready to go eat it up? P.S. I chickened out, I wasn't sure about catfish. They gave me a bite, it was good!!
Sister-in-law Sharon showing her humor taking this picture of Le Verle with her Iphone. I thought it was a great picture of the lake etc. Thank You Le Verle for a fun day and wonderful memories of Family!! Note: This part of Texas is like the area in Alabama where we grew up!!
Brother Don and Sharon invited me to join them above. When we looked over the railing, there was a school of Turtles wanting to be fed. This brought a close to a wonderful day!! Thank You, Brother Don and Sharon!!
Well after dessert, we all wanted to go outside and enjoy the views of the beautiful lake from the deck!! Don and Sharon above with the beautiful scenery beyond!!
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