Texas 2015

Family Time

June 12

Our hosts for our visit to Texas for the Robershaw Family Reunion. Brother Don & his wife Sharon. Don is holding a cup of his famous coffee!!
And here is the Birthday Boy Tom Robershaw and his wife Kim!! They had just arrived that afternoon for the Reunion the next day from CA. with their Family!!
Above is a nice display of pictures of our Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles that Don was taking to the Robershaw Family Reunion!!
That evening it was a very special restaurant down by the bay where you could watch the cargo ships going in & out!!
Don't we all look happy? We have just finished our dinner & this picture was taken just outside of the restaurant. Then what awaits at home for us!!
Tom's wife Kim with Mom Marlene with their empty plates, relaxing and enjoying the moment!!
This the desert that Don's wife Sharon had made to celebrate Tom's Birthday!!! Bless her heart not only was the thought good but the cake was wonderful!!
A good picture of Justin Robershaw with Grandma Marlene!!
Here is Don's oldest son Danny with his girl friend Linn and son Presley!!
Justin with his Aunt Le Verle playing cute for the camera & his sister Olivia in the background!!
Here is one of Tom's twin daughter Olivia in Host Don's favorite chair?
Here is the Birthday Boy Tom with his Aunt Le Verle. She lives in Texas also!!
Here are two great ladies!! Tom's wife Kim & brother Don's wife Sharon!!
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