Stonewall Love

Son of George and Josephine Love!

Stonewall was the youngest son and eleventh child born into his Family. He was born in Talledega County, Alabama in 1908 and died in Talledega in 1980. Stonewall played the guitar with his brothers for barn dances etc. When I knew him he was living in Lafayette, Alabama and working in the cotton mill. He was divorced at that time from his 1st wife, Lilly Mae Grizzle. Later on he met and married Bernice Goodall with a clear understanding that his Mom was part of the deal. He had promised when his Dad died, that he would care for his Mom as long as she lived!
A young Stonewall.
Pictures of Stonewall with his Mom Josephine Nance Love!
Younger sister Barsie!
Older brother Sam Love above, lived about four house's away and would care for Grandmother while Stonewall worked. It's Christmas time in the photo to the right!!
Stonewall and Bernice on their wedding day!!
Niece Sara Love visiting Stonewall.
I was Stonewall's buddy when we visited Grandmother Love, he was always playing tricks on me!!
Above is Tombstone marker for Stonewall and a copy of handout from wife Bernice's funeral service!
Grandmother Love's marker, also in Lafayette, Alabama!
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