Ronald Love Robershaw

The School Years

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

My promotion slip to 2nd grade!!

Report card 7th Grade

7th Grade

11th Grade

10th Grade

Oh Happy Day!!
Brother Don and I by Dad's car. The outfits we are wearing look about 1950-52. I would have been finishing Jr. High School!! Below it looks like Dad let me drive it, on a date!!
Le Verle, myself and brother Don finding Easter Eggs? I think our sister Le Merle likley took the picture!! On the right Don and I got to pick our favorite from the litter!!
A party with friends at my house. It was my junior year in High School. The boys, right to left, Ken Mc Culloch, Robert Griffin, Dennis Fox, myself, cousin Hal Robershaw, and Jerry Watson. The ladies, Mary Ruth Forman, Barbara Jean Reid, cousin Lura Mae and don't recall the two on the end. I think my friend Gene White took the picture, he dated Mary Forman!! Note: A couple of years later Barbara Jean Reid became my wife!!

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