My Retirement Party

March 10, 2001

This is the invitation for the Party!!
This is a picture of my hosting, with my wife Marlene giving the details in the text below?
This is my beautiful Retirement Cake!! It was made by my daughter Cindy!! Please enlarge the picture to appreciate the detail workmanship!!
This is Pastor Bob Kleinschmidt on the left with his wife Betty. On the right is John and Ivy King, dear friends originally from Rhodesia. Brother Bob was our Pastor for about 20 years at Lemon Grove Baptist Church! He gave the invocation for my Party!!
Shirley Phillips on left, daughter Valerie and the caterer Ruth Fuld!! Yum, Yum!!
In the foreground, Jake Phillips, Bart Easter and background, Jim Ward, wife Jane and Larry Como!!
A friend of the Family for many years, Bart Easter sitting with Jake Phillips and his wife Shirley. Bart was influential with me accepting Jesus in my life!!
My sister Le Merle, Andrew Wallace and brother Reginald!! Andrew was the bother of my Aunt Audrey. He had just retired and was on his way to Texas!!
Jake Phillips and wife Shirley was the 1st one's at Lemon Grove to invite Marlene and I to go on a picnic with them. To RAMONA!!
My golfing buddy Ernie Kenny in the foreground and my son Tom's future mother-in-law Bonnie Triepke!!
Marlene, her uncle Victor Marchese and her daughter Natalie Dixon. Victor was a professional singer and sang "Brother can you spare me a dime" for me and told a few jokes for the guests!!

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Mrs. Betty Kleinschmidt is a gifted pianist and had agreed to entertain us after lunch and played a couple of songs I liked!! Great is thy Faithfulness, and Where the Roses never Fade!!