Memorial Page

For Cousin

Robert Leverle Robershaw

In Memory of Robert L. Robershaw

Born: July 15, 1936 Died: May 31, 2016

This is Robert's older brother William Clifford Robershaw and likely the influence in Robert being a truck driver. "Bill" was a truck driver and died at a truck stop at the age of 48 with a heart attack. I remember Bill was working for my Dad in masonry and was quitting truck driving? It lasted about 2 weeks!!
A good picture of Robert with his wife Beverly who also served as his caretaker over the past several years. When he died they had been married for 35 years!! Robert was a truck driver by trade. It is a very stressful occupation. Robert when he was still working, was backing his truck into a dock in Atlanta and suffered a heart attack. He was taken to a hospital and had open heart surgery. His son Robert Earl Robershaw above was also a truck driver. Uufortunatley he was found dead from a heart attack in his truck at the age of 47!!
Just a short history of my relationship with cousin Robert. He was about 8 months older than me, age wise. When our family's would get together we kids would play till dark. So we bonded well as children. When we moved to our new home on Uriah Ave. Robert's family moved into our old house on Lay Springs Rd. I would ride my bike to visit Robert. I had permission to spend the night once, and I was having so much fun I decided I would stay and extra night? Well guess who woke me up about midnight and made me come home? My Dad had been to a baseball game and Mom made him come and get me!! Later in life we both were going through a divorce at the same time in San Diego and he spent a couple of weeks with me in my apartment before he went back to Chicago and truck driving!! It was always fun to see him at the Robershaw Reunions when we came back to visit. Cousin Robert was Blessed in that he lived longer than anyone else in the Family. He lived 14 years longer than his Dad!! I might mention in closing, the other truck driver in the Family is cousin Hal Robershaw.
This is Robert's younger brother Wesley Robershaw with his wife Rosa in New Mexico. Wesley was also a truck driver for a short while, perhaps Rosa was the reason he stopped?

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