Robershaw Potpourri Six
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This picture was taken about 1943. In the rear is cousin William {Bill} Robershaw, oldest son of Uncle A G. His arms are around my sister Le Merle and my brother Jack. On the left side bareley in view is cousin Andrew with his arms around me. My younger brother Donald is the baby in front and the boy on right front is a neighbor Marvin Gamble!
This is a photo of my Dad and older brother Reginald, and sister Le Merle on left. It was taken in the stone quarry Dad operated. Photo about 1939.
This is Chris Robershaw and his bride Katherine. Chris is the son of Ronnie Robershaw {son of Ralph} and Brenda Williams. Chris is a missionary for the Methodist Church and met Katherine in Hong Kong. They were married there August 3, 2008 in a civil ceremony. They plan on a traditional service in the new year!
Congratulations to the Proud Grandparents, Ronnie and Brenda Robershaw!! This new Robershaw is named Jean{Jon} Alexander Robershaw, and the smile on parents Chris and Katherine say's it all. Grandma Brenda got to go to Hong Kong in 2009 and hold the baby!! The Family picture on the right is and update!! Grandparents Ronnie and Brenda holding baby Jean. Son Chris and wife Katherine on left and son Jeremy on right! This picture was taken this summer {2010}in Alabama, when Chris and Family came to visit!! Chris and Family have gone back to Hong Kong, they are expecting a baby girl in January, 2011.
Brother Reginald's wedding to Phyliss Wiedman. The ring bearer is nephew Monte Lunsford!
Playing with rocks still runs in the Family!! This is my oldest son Ritchie, rock climbing in CA.
This is my brother Jack,{deceased} and his son Jack Jr.
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Reginald's daughter Renee and her husband Chuck Edwards.