Robershaw Potpourri

Page Four

Back row, Cousin Hal Robershaw, brother Don,sister LeMerle holding daughter Denise, Mother Lois Love Robershaw, front row sister LeVerle standing, sister-in-law Juanita Lecroy Robershaw with her children Donna and Willie Jack Jr. on the end is Monte Lunsford son of LeMerle.
Ronnie Robershaw, son of cousin Ralph, with wife Brenda and their two son's Christopher and Jeremy!
Cousin Acton { Whitey} Robershaw son of Uncle Zelton, not sure of others in photo!
Brother Jack Robershaw in his Army uniform on the left with his wife Juanita Lecroy and on the right with proud Dad, O B Robershaw!
Discharge list from World War 11 including Charlie M. Robershaw, son of George W. Robershaw. He was shipped home on the Queen Mary!
Marriage anouncement for Uncle Zelton's daughter Joyce!!
My daughter Cindy about 10-11 years old?
This is Marlene and I on our honeymoon, we are on the sky tram at Palm Springs, going up to the top of the mountain!!
Butch Martin, son of cousin Lura Mae Robershaw and Bobby Martin!
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Someone turned 50, guess which one? Cindy recently started taking piano lessons. The sound is her playing!!
My wife Marlene and our son Tom a few years later! This was a Church photo from Lemon Grove Baptist! Those Italian women sure photograph well!!