Robershaw Potpourri Page

This is a special picture! On the left is a young A G Robershaw and on the right is my Dad, O B Robershaw.This is he youngest photo of Dad and his brother A G Robershaw that I have seen in my lifetime!!

Rachel Martin, daughter of  Bobby Martin &Lura Mae Robershaw.

This is a picture of and older A G Robershaw in center rear. with his mother Maggie Galbreath Robershaw in front of him. I'm not sure, but believe others in picture are of the Galbreath Family?
Left is William “Bill” Robershaw, oldest son of A G and Audrey Wallace Robershaw. He was a trucker all his life.Born 9/19/1931, Died 9/23/1979 @ a truck stop of a heart attack.
Above is Amanda Robershaw, with and article from a local newspaper, about the award she won! She is the daughter of Bobby and Mill Robershaw.
Above is Pauline Long Robershaw and her son Hal and his wife Dawn, in foreground is Ralph and Betty Robershaw's son, Ronnie?
Above is Jack Robershaw with wife Juanita LeCroy & Reggie Robershaw with unknown friend

Uncle Zelton Robershaw with son Bethel in background.

This is my Dad, O B Robershaw slouching on the couch, niece Teresa Lunsford to the left. His brother A G Robershaw holding nephew Ricky Robershaw and perhaps niece Renee in foreground!!

Mom Lois Love Robershaw, sitting on the wall with dog, sister-in-law Juanita Lecroy, wife of brother Jack with her son Willie Jack Jr.on the right.I am not sure of lady's name in center!!
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