Robershaw Potpourri Page Three

Halbert Dewey Robershaw, son of Lester Robershaw and Pauline Long.
A young Pauline Long, second wife of Lester Robershaw?
J. E. Robershaw, and sister Elisabeth Ann, children of William Zelton  Robershaw and Dovie McClain
One of the fun things, my sister and I shared in common was a March birthday just a few days apart. We met for lunch in 2005, above is Le Merle with my wife Marlene and below with me!!
Cake from Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary?
Pictured above is Eliza Stratton McCann stepdaughter of Harold Lloyd Robershaw. Her mother was Martha Josephine O'Conner, Eliza is the younger sister of Larry Stratton. She was born in Montgomery Alabama.
O B Robershaw in foreground! Other men are believed to be Wallace’s? Jackie O’Neal, son of LeVerle Robershaw O’Neal in background!


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