Time Goes By
My younger brother Don visiting his wife Sharon Taylor at the birth of their 1st son Daniel Robershaw! May - 1970
Son Danny a grown man with his wife Linda!!
Son Danny and wife Linda with son's Micheal and Presley in front!!
Younger sister Le Verle on left came to CA last year to visit old friends and Family. Above she is with my wife Marlene and my daughter Cindy!!
Our youngest son Tom and Pastor Kleinschmidt on his wedding day!! August 2001
Son Tom on a recent visit to our home with his Family! Daughters Chloe Faith, Olivia Hope and son Justin Love Robershaw.
Olivia taking a nap!!
Tom at his Baptism a couple of years ago at Saddleback Church in Orange County, CA!!
My wife Marlene, for her Birthday last year decided she would like to take Tom's young children on their 1st train ride!! We were to entertain grandson Justin? I'm not sure who is entertaing whom??
A special day for me, Dec. 24, 2010. These are my children, daughter Cindy, son Tom to my left and my oldest son Ritchie across and on the end!! We met for lunch and to exchange Christmas presents!!
My son Ritchie about one year + or -? This picture proves that he is my son!! Abt. 1964

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My daughter Cindy and son Ritchie in front of the Civic Theater in San Diego. Ritchie's Christmas gift to Marlene and I was tickets to see the opera Turandot with them!!