Robershaw Potpourri +
This is Miss Mildred Marona! She was the Principal, 6th grade teacher, and bus driver for Bellevue Grammar School, which I and my other siblings attended in the early 1940's. The article with the picture were both in the Gadsden Times. The back of the picture was about World War 11. Our family had a disdain for her because the policy was that students had to live 2 miles from the school for her to pick you up. It just happened that we lived 1.9 miles from the school!! It could be raining cats and dogs or freezing and she would just drive on by!! They don't make TEACHERS like that anymore!!
This is Reginald and bride Phyllis Wiedeman at their wedding!! On the right are Mom and Dad! Lady on left? The young boy is nephew Monte Lunsford!!
This is brother Reginald in his Navy blue's stationed in San Diego, CA!! This is their two children, Rick and Renee Robershaw!!
Le Merle on July 4th, 1937 at Dad's stone quarry! This picture was likely taken by Mom's brother Tim Love. I have another picture of the Family taken at the Falls the same day!!
Le Merle on left with her 1st husband Jess Lunsford with my Mom Lois Love Robershaw on the right. Jess was stationed at Fort Mc Cellan, AL.
My older sis Le Merle with a early boy friend, Ray Price!! Not the singer.
Le Merle with group two of her High School graduation class. She is top row left!!
Brother Jack in 1944 was likely in Jr. High!!
This is her 1st two children in 1958. Son Monte on right and daughter Denise on the left!!
This picture was taken in the backyard of my 1st home in El Cajon, CA. It appears that brother Don and I are lifting Mom off the ground!!
Mom, Dad, and brother Reginald visiting me in my 1st home in Ramona, CA. It appears Mom was picking something up!!
This picture contains most of us brothers and sisters with our spouse's except brother Don, and sister Le Verle!! Don is present, however he was divorced at this time. The picture was taken in Le Merle's backyard in 1962!!

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