The O B Robershaw Family

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Dad, O B Robershaw was born, November 09, 1906 in Brompton, AL. He died September 24, 1995 in San Diego, CA.
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Mom, Lois Estelle Love, was born August 13, 1907 in Ashland Township, Clay County, AL. She died November 05, 1993 in San Diego, CA.
In this picture Mom appears to have received a basket of goodies from someone? She looks to be in late seventies or early eighties?
Brother Don on the left, sister Le Verle, Don's wife Sharon Taylor, sister Le Merle and the baby? Picture was taken at Don's home in Texas.
Dad O B on left, son Jack, Mom Lois and Jack's wife Juanita standing. Seated on right is Astoria, center is April, daughters of Jack and Juanita. On the left is Teresa daughter of daughter Le Merle. The picture is is front of Mom and Dad's house in San Diego, CA!!
Well we finally grew up? Younger brother Don on left, sister Le Merle and me on the right. Picture was taken at Le Merle's home in San Diego about 1970.
The Gathering Place for our Family was at Mom and Dad's house for special occasions. Brother Jack and his Family are visiting from GA. Seated in rear left to right, my wife Marlene, Jessica Lunsford, Mom, Dad, myself, Le Merle's husband Jess Lunsford. Jessica is Le Merle's grand daughter! Sitting is brother Jack, sister Le Merle, and my son Tom!!
My wife Marlene and I with our boys, John, Tom and Ritchie! Picture was taken about 1976-77!! And we were so young and didn't know it!!!
Well most of us grew up!! Sisters Le Merle and Le Verle, hamming it up with sister-in-law Sharon Taylor Robershaw, wife of Don Robershaw!!
This Gathering is to celebrate younger sister Le Verle and her Family visiting from Texas! Seated in front is my son's Ritchie, Tom and John. Behind them in the yellow shirt is Le Verle's son Jack and daughter Robin behind him. Brother-in-law Jess Lunsford is holding his grand daughter Jessica. I am standing, my wife Marlene is seated on left, Dad, Le Verle and her daughter Penny. Mom is seated in back on the right!!
I'm sure this is a group of folks from the Church Mom attended. She is in the blue dress in the center and that is cousin Andrew behind her! Sister Le Merle is to his right. Andrew is the son of Uncle A G Robershaw. Uncle A G was Pastor of the Freewill Baptist Church in Chula Vista when he lived in CA.
This is our son Tom, with his Family, visiting the San Diego Zoo earlier this year.{2010} The kids middle names are, Faith, Hope and Love!!
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