Robershaw Family Reunion

August 12, 2017

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My son Tom in the red shirt with Jeremy Robershaw son of Ronald and wife Brenda. They are descendants of cousin Ralph Robershaw. Sister Le Verle and Sharon, ready to greet the guests!!
Sorry we ran out of name tags and I took these young ladies picture. Names? If you know please email me their names!!
Jack Robershaw pointing to his brother Ronnie. They are both sons of Ralph Robershaw. With Ron's son Jeremy in between!!
A group from the Salers Family, Bethany on the right and Laura, Angela on the left and ? for the other two ladies.
Cousin Hal and wife Dora, I wasn't sure Hal would make it. He had recently had a hip replacement. His wife had to go to work that afternoon. They stayed till she had to leave.
Jean and Laura looking at one of the Family Albums that I had acquired over the years. Each of the Robershaw Families have been very generous sharing copies for me.
Well, it is almost that time of day? We had two tables designated for food. We had to clear another table and make three available!!
Yes, this is my sweetheart Glenda, wife of cousin Billy Ray!! When I call her, I kiddingly ask her to bring a extra plate for me? Through all these years I have not gone home hungry!!
After prayer by cousin Billy Ray, it was suggested that the children go 1st. In this picture I see my grandson Justin way ahead? The Family does say he is smart!!

Two more pictures of our lunch break. Seriously I was able to overcome temptation and not go back for seconds.

p.s. I had seen the dessert table!!

Above is a handsome young boy in front as Uncle Zelton's descendants are being called for picture taking in the background!!
Tim and Laura Seals, with James Salers!!
Shannon Holmes, Adam Holmes, Tim Seals, Laura Seals (Salers), Molly Holmes, in the picture on the left. I believe it might be a selfie on the train in the park after the Reunion?
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