Robershaw Family Reunion 2007

Wow, What can I say to describe the generous Spirit and Love that our Robershaw Family displayed for one another. Each Reunion seems to take on it's own personality and surprises. I didn't expect a large turnout this year, since many of the regular attendees couldn't attend. But when we counted heads there was still about our usual eighty plus in attendance. We were blessed to have about twenty plus of George Washington Robershaw line from Texas, Minnesota, and Alabama. We also had attendee's from Idaho, New Mexico, Georgia, Mississippi, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennesee, and California!

Each side of our Robershaw Family was represented, Ted Smith, Pat Slaughter Braun, who has done extensive research on her side of the Sara Alice Robershaw Smith Hudgins Family was in attendance. Of course William Wesley Robershaw was well represented with attendee's from all over the country! There were several Family display's including Family charts for all three Family lines.

The main event was the celebration of cousin Billy Ray Robershaw and wife Glenda Cochran's 50th wedding Anniversary the next day! We had them come up and sang Happy Anniversary to them, and also cousin Lura Mae and her husband Bobby Martin who had celebrated their 50th in January. Lura had brought her laptop with a DVD of their celebration to share! Cousin Bobby commented that he married into a good Family when he married a Robershaw! Billy Ray's younger sister Annie Robershaw was there with all of her children and their Families. This was indeed a feat, and it show's the respect the children have for their Mom!!

Sister Le Verle showed off all her art skills as she put together a large Pictorial Memorial Collage for cousin Andrew Wallace Robershaw and for our sister Le Merle. She was also instrumental in planning the large Robershaw sign we hung on pavilion # 4. She was helped with the sign by my wife Marlene and cousin Lura Mae! Brother Reginald was a wonderful Host, having the guest's sign in and take a name tag!

Cousin Hal and wife Dora deserves special kudos' for their work preparing for the Reunion. Hal had worked two double shifts in a row, going to bed at 6:30 a.m. and still making it with the food etc. on time!! Once again we were amazed at the generosity of the Family, there was so much food we had to ask for volunteers to take the extra food home!! All the comments I heard were positive, so hopefully we can get together again in a couple of years! God Bless each of you! Cousin Ron Robershaw

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