After our reunion on June 23, 2001 I realized how much our family’s lives have revolved around the falls. My Dad, O B Robershaw had a stone quarry about one mile north on Lay Spring Rd. We lived in a tool shed that had been expanded into a house for the family, and also two later additions, brother Don & sister Le Verle were both born there.
We would walk past the falls every day to Bellevue grammer school, almost 2 miles one way. In the 6th grade I attended the new Mitchell grammer school across the street from the falls. Later as we attended Jr. Hi & Hi school we would catch the bus by the falls across from Marona’s store.

In the summertime we would play ball in a field that is now part of the Park. Our Dad furnished the stone and contracted with another masonry contractor, Homer Wright for the 1st phase of construction of the Park. During the summer break, I had the job of mixing cement for them! Needless to say I had rather been playing!!

There are other things I could tell you that happened at the falls? No I think NOT !!

April Robershaw in center with sons, Matthew & Nicolas on her right. To her left is daughter Ranita & LaDon Scott son of Donna Robershaw Scott.
Brother Jack & Juanita Robershaws Daughter Astoria Wilder and her Daughter Tiffy & son Bradley
Mom Juanita and sister-in-law Le Verle Robershaw!!
I would guess this picture was taken in 1930’s? The 2nd man in on the left is my Dad, O B Robershaw and is likely holding son Reggie. The man on the right with the tie is Uncle A G!! His wife Aunt Audrey Wallace is seated on the right, holding a baby!! I believe some of the Family to be Wallace's. The people in the back right could be Galbreath's? One looks like Grandmother Maggie!!
This picture was taken about1952 !! Front row L. to R. Mom, Lois Love, sister Le Merle and her husband Jess Lunsford. Cousin Harold Lloyd, Grandmother Maggie, Uncle Lester, his wife Pauline Long and Uncle A G Robershaw!! On the back row cousin Andrew is on the left, I am behind GrandmotherMaggie. The lady standing is Flossie Brown, Uncle Lester's 1st wife, and the man is believed to have been her husband? We believe the young girl leaning aganist Aunt Flossie to be cousin Lura Mae? The other children are not defineable?
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