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Reginald Clayton Robershaw

Son of  O B Robershaw & Lois Love

Reginald was born on Christmas day, 1927, in Langdale, Alabama. He grew up in Etowah Co. Al. and attended Etowah High, until his senior year and transferred to Gadsden Hi. After high school he joined the Navy and was stationed at N.T.C. San Diego, Ca. for four years. Afterwards he attended San Diego State University. Upon graduation he went to work for a Title Company. After his marriage to Phyllis, he went back to school and got a teachers degree and taught grade school until his retirement in 1994. He has since worked at National Car Rental @ the airport just to keep busy!!

Picture above is of San Diego Bay! The lady to the right is May Wallace Bates, she is a distant relative and was a Mother to Reggie while in the Navy. She and her husband Don let us all stay with them when we came to San Diego in 1950 to visit Reginald!

Reggie  growing up, age about 8 on left and 16 on right!
Age about 18, picture taken for flying lessons!!
Reggie & younger brother Jack, who was in the Army. It was unusual to have them both home on leave at the same time!! Jack was in the paratroopers and stationed at Ft. Benning, GA.
The two pictures above are from Reginald's days at San Diego State University. He attended school after his Navy tour ended. Bart Easter in the picture below was instrurmental in helping him find a job!!
Bart & Jenny Easter. Bart would pick up sailors from the service men's center on Sunday and take them to 1st Baptist for Church and lunch. They have been friends of the Family for abt. 56 years!!
Age about 21 in Navy, and old enough to know better on left?

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