Reginald Clayton Robershaw

Trip to Hometown

Age 94

Recently Reggie's daughter Renee & Husband Chuck retired in Sacramento, CA They sold everything and found a new home in Jacksonville, AL. Renee has been trying to get her Dad to come back & live with her!! Reggie has been talking about going back visiting for several years. Well he got his covid virus shots & on 4/13/21, his son Rick put him on a plane & sure enough as the picture aboves proves, he is in front of the current Gadsden High School in Gadsden, AL. I might add this is the 2nd new school, since our old one burned down several years ago!!
Pictured above with Reggie on the right is younger brother Don, in back R. Younger sister Le Verle, neice Denise, daughter Renee. In the picture on the right Renee's husband has joined the group. Sister Le Verle & brother Don live in the Houston, TX area and they drove over for this special time in each of their lives. Denise is daughter of sister Le Merle who passed away several years ago. She owns Mom & Dad's old house in San Diego, CA and Reginald lives there with Denise's son Ryne. The picture in the center is special, our Dad O B Robershaw built the stone section & we all have fond memories of our time growing up there!!
Time for some sightseeing!! What better place to start than at Noccalula Falls? Our families life was within a mile or less from the Falls. Dad did the masonry on the 1st part of it becoming a Park for the City of Gadsden. On the left Reggie, Le Verle & Chuck taking a break & on the right Denise is posing with the Falls. Reggie joined the Navy and had served 4 years in San Diego, and decided to live there after he got out. So Mom & Dad sold everything & came to CA in 1956, I think!!
The Church above is across the street from the Falls. It was relocated here several years ago from the area called Bellevue, which at one time was where the grocery store etc. was located after you came up the mountain. Reginald made his profession of Faith in the old Bellevue Baptist Church. And true to those days in time there was a Methodist Church across the street!! In the picture on the right sister Le Verle is looking at Black Creek area above the Falls. We always visit the area looking for where we lived as babies in our home across from the stone quarry Dad leased. After he gave it up, the owner filled it in with dirt & tore the shacks (our home) down. So we have never after all the visits found the orginal site!!!!!!!The stone bench's are not Dad's work!!
Another important stop for our visits to Gadsden is to visit Clayton Cemetery. There are several Robershaw's & Galbreath Family members buried there. On the left is a headstone for brother Olin Robershaw who lived only a couple of month's & died on Christmas day!! on the right is the marker for Uncle Zelton & his wife Dovie Mc Clain Robershaw!!
Pictured above is Grandmother Mary Isa Dora Galbreath, nickname of Maggie. In the center is Grandfather William Wesley Robershaw headstone!! The marker on the right I believe is for Uncle Lester's son Leslie? It may have been done by Uncle Lester. Dad, I know cut the other two markers. These sandstone marker's were from Dad's quarry & handcut.

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