Celebrating Reginald Robershaw's Birthday

Ninety BIG ONES!!!!!!!!!

The Family started Celebrating Reginald's Birthday on Sunday December 24th by attending the Candlelight Sevice at Shadow Mt. Church. Reginald is sitting behind his niece Denice Lunsford Holmberg and her husband Keith. He is holding their grand daughter!! Farther over is their son Ryne and daughter Brieanna, mother of the baby!!
Seated next to Reggie in blue is younger brother Ron. The lady is Kim Robershaw, wife on Nephew Tom Robershaw seated on the end with their three children Chloe. Olivia and Justin. The handsome young fella in the center is Micah son of Ryne!! Afterwards we all went out to lunch so the Family could share some private time with Reggie. He is seated next to Tom Robershaw and his Family!!

Party Time!!

January 6, 2018

Chula Vista, CA

The Birthday Boy Reginald with a cute hat on!! The Party was hosted by his son Rick with his wife Jody on the left. They were very organized and did a Great Job. In the picture on the right is daughter Renee, she came down from Sacramento for the special occasion. Rick and Jody came from Temecula, CA.
Mother of Rick and Renee, Phyliss Wiedeman Robershaw. She and Reginald got a divorce several years ago, but she has been very helpful when Rick and Jody have a Family get together in Temecula, she will stop and bring Reggie with her!!
This is sister-in-law Marlene Marchese Robershaw, wife of Reggie's brother Ron. Beside her is Linda Hasting. She and Reggie have worked together and attended Church together!!
A Happy Dad Reggie and son Rick. Rick recently retired from law enforcement and has been traveling about the country enjoying the freedom and good health of youth!!

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