Robershaw Potpourri

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On the left is my brother Willie Jack Robershaw, his wife Juanita and daughter Donna. I don't know the other Family? At first I thought it was Donna's wedding, but both girls seem to be dressed alike and holding the same type bouquet? It is a special picture because brother Jack did not wear a tie very often!!
These three pictures were taken when we went to the Robershaw Family Reunion in 1999. This is in front of the new High School that we attended. The old one had burned down a few years earlier! Old School, Click HERE.
Above on the left is Rachel Robershaw Emery, Larry Stratton, and my sister Le Merle on the right. Rachel and Larry are the children of cousin Harold Loyd Robershaw!!
This is a good picture of cousin William Leslie Robershaw, also the son of cousin Harold Loyd Robershaw. Unfortunatley Bill passed away a few years ago!! Behind Bill is Bedford Robertson, the husband of cousin Carolyn Robershaw!! Obituary for Bill.
Here is Matthew on the left and Danny on the right as teenagers a few years later!!
This is my younger brother Donald Robershaw's two sons Danny and Matthew in little league!!
Our younger sister Le Verle with Don's oldest son Olin Robershaw!!
Brother Don and sister Le Merle above, it looks like the picture was taken in CA.
Apparently brother Don came to visit us in CA. Bob's Big Boy was The Resturant before Mc Donalds!! Brother Reginald on the right, sister Le Merle, Ron and Don!!
Here is Don and his boys, Matt on the left, nephewThanh Le Duc Paxton, and son Danny . They are on a fishing trip.

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Our wives have joined us above, Reginald's wife, Phyliss, my wife Marlene and Don's wife, Sharon!!
Oh to be young again!! A picture from 1993. My son Ritchie and daughter Cindy!!