Robershaw Potpourri

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Ralph Robershaw and his bride Betty Ford on their wedding day!! They were married October 26, 1952 in Alabama!! This picture is a copy I found recently and I'm not sure whom I received it from?
This is a photo from the 2003 Robershaw Reunion. Ralph's wife Betty is 2nd from left. Betty's daughter Mandy, and Brenda Robershaw, wife of Ralph's son Ronnie, are sharing pictures with Angie and April, daughters of Mandy!!
James Salers and his Mom, Annie Robershaw, Ralph's youngest sister!!
L. to.R. Mark Tody, wife Diane Robershaw, in rear, Bill Robershaw children of Billy Ray Robershaw, Ralph's younger brother. On the right, Donna and Willard Robershaw, son of William Acton Robershaw!
Mom, Lois Love Robershaw on left and Grandmother Maggie Galbreath, standing by Dad's Dodge pick-up truck. We are at Uncle Zelton's farm near Walnut Grove!!
Aunt Audrey Wallace, wife of Uncle A G on left. Grandmother Maggie on right. You can see someone in the background. I'm not sure what the special occasion was?
Grandmother Maggie and my sister Le Merle at a cemetery. This photo was in early 50's.
Cousin Robert Robershaw with his wife Beverly Hawkins. Robert was the 3rd son born to Uncle A G and Aunt Audrey Wallace.
Cousin Robert in the center, with son John Kelvin on left and Robert Earl Robershaw on right.{ Deceased, 11/24/2003}
Aunt Audrey Wallace and Aunt Pauline Long, wife of Uncle Lester Robershaw!

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William "Bill" Robershaw on the left, son of Harold Robershaw, decendant from Uncle Lester. His brother-in-law, John Williamson on the right. Bill, passed away 4/18/2009 in Oceanside, CA.
My younger brother Don and myself with puppies we had chosen. I'm not sure how old we were??