Robershaw Potpourri Page Two

This is the 1940-41 one room school class of Oakdale school, on Lay Spring Rd. Etowah County, Alabama. What is significant about the group is it contains three Robershaw’s. In the top row center is older brother Reginald.[ could not get him lighter] Brother Willie Jack is the 7th in from the left in the fourth row down from top. And our sister LeMerle is the 3rd one in from the left on the fifth row down . The teachers name is Mrs. Vera Crump standing on the left side 3rd row down. I started to 1st grade at Bellevue Grade in 1942, so this may have been the last class of Oakdale Grade School. Bettie Ruth Smith who supplied the photo through a mutual friend, Pastor Ray Lewis of the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, is in the 2nd row down and the 2nd child in from left. Pastor Lewis has since retired for the 2nd time now!! Click on Pictures for Enlargement!
This is A G Robershaw, the youngest son of William W. Robershaw & Maggie Galbreath. Our Dad, O B Robershaw was closer to him in age and perhaps that is one reason our families got together more often to visit. Also he was a Freewill Baptist minister, so my Mom could have been and influence there. He and his family also shared the care of grandmother Maggie later in her life
Photo on the right is my sister-law Juanita Lecroy, [bro. Jack Robershaw wife] she is visiting our Aunt May Hubbard Love, wife of Tim Love. Juanita with granddaughter Kelly, daughter of son Willie Jack Jr. Girl in front of Aunt May is unknown. Aunt May is the last of her generation living and is in her nineties, at a rest home!
My daughter Cindy, above about 7 or 8 yrs.old. She has a Family of her own now, and lives in El Cajon, Ca. not far from where she grew up.
My brother Reginald Robershaw with A G's sister-in-law Mae Wallace Bates, showing off her fruit to Reggie in San Diego, Ca. Mae was like a mother to Reginald while he was in the Navy. We stayed at her house, when we visited California in 1950!!

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On the left is younger bro. Don and his wife Sharon Taylor. She is in Grossmont hospital in LaMesa, Ca. She had just given birth to their first son Danny, in May, 1970.

New Bellevue Baptist {Southern} where bro. Reggie attended and Mom would take us there for special occasions.  1965 photo!! We try to attend, when we are in Gadsden, for the memories!!