The O B Robershaw Family Page Two

Pictured on left in front: LeVerle, Don, Ron, Jack, back row: Reginald in Navy suit, Mom & Dad, picture was taken by LeMerle, in Balboa Park, San Diego trip,1950. Pictured on right is LeVerle, Don & Ron on Easter morning, about 1948-49!

Don Robershaw: school picture about 10-12 yrs. Old!
Jack Robershaw: school picture about 13-14 yrs.old
Newly weds Jack Robershaw & Juanita Lecroy!!
Picture above was taken at Houston airport, on our way to 1999 Family Reunion in Gadsden, Al. L. to R. Ron, LeVerle, Reggie, LeMerle and Don! Picture on right was taken in front  of Family home @ 202 Uriah Ave. the same afternoon of the Family Reunion!
Willie Jack was the 3rd child born to Mom & Dad. He was typical in many ways as a son, he had a sibling rivalry with his older brother Reginald. My relationship with Jack was idol worship, even though he was always getting me in trouble, smoking, fighting, etc. I loved him very much!! It broke my heart when he started dating girls and would not let me Pal around any more!! After he got married he joined the Army and served 25 years till he retired in Columbus,Ga. He passed away May 17,1986. His wife Juanita and Family still live there.

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