Exploring Noccalula Falls

August 12, 2017

This is a picture of the statue for Princess Noccalula with the Falls in the background. Sister Le Verle suggested that son Tom and his children might enjoy the adventure of exploring underneath the Falls after the Reunion was over. I had not taken that on since I was a teenager growing up near by. So I thought I would tag along for the fun?
Waiting for the train, Sharon, Olivia, Justin, Tom, Chloe and Daiven. We all took the train to the entrance for walking under the Falls!!
Le Verle, Justin, Chloe and myself starting out. Sharon and Daiven had to wait for the next train. Tom and Olivia were behind and took the picture!!
One of the big beautiful rocks on the right side as you walked down the trail.
Tom and daughter coming down the trail, Tom stopped to take my picture. On the right they are checking out a small cave!!
Sister Le Verle on the easy part of the trail after you enter!!
On the left Tom and Olivia still exploring. Next our 1st sighting of Black Creek under the Falls, Then Justin and Chloe caught up with Dad Tom and Olivia. On the right? Well I am still smiling!!
Pictures of the Falls as we get closer, notice the big rock in the 2nd picture. The Falls are 90 ft. high and it is rock from top to the bottom. This part of the adventure happens to be the easy part of the day?
A picture of Dad Tom and Olivia arriving under the edge of the Falls on the right side. Chloe and Justin has gone ahead under the Falls. Health concerns and the heat has caused Le Verle and Sharon to retreat and catch the train back!!
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