Josephine Nance Love

Nance Family

The Family Bible of Julia Nance Jones. # 1 The Register # 2 Names of her brothers and sisters # 3 The Nance Family marriages # 4 Deaths of the Nance Family!!
Pictures of George Washington Nance and his wife Alice Skipper. George is the brother of Grandmother Josephine Nance Love!!
Charles Nance and wife Maudene Fuller Nance.
A young Charles W. Nance!!
And elderly George W. Nance with sister Lucy on left and sister Lovis Nance on right!!
Lovis Louise Nance!!
Baby Julie Nance!!
A mature Lucy Nance!!
Allie Nance on left and Julie Nance in center ,lady on right?
Left to right, Floyd Patten, wife Lucy Nance Patten, Charles W. Nance and wife Maudene Fuller Nance!!
A serious George W. Nance?
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