Josephine Nance Love

Nance Family Relatives

William Hensley Nance above is the uncle of Josephine Nance!! His daughter's by him are Susan and Pinkie Sara Nance. All the families below and on Page Two are decendants of William H. Nance!!
Above left is Walter Edgar Nance and bride Martha Irene Lee!! In the center picture, it is obvious they have matured a few years!! On the right is baby Naomi Grace Nance, their baby that only lived a few months, which happened quiet often due to like of penicillin etc.!!
Walter Edgar Nance in the rear, wife Martha left front with Aunt Min and Beulah Short Lee.
Frances Nance{sister to W.H Nance}with her husband Charles Calhoun!!
Pinkie Sara Nance, is the daughter of William Hensley Nance and wife Mary Elizabeth Fowler-1\2 Cherokee-
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Harvey Lowe Nance and wife Mary Harriet Mason. Harvey is brother to Walter above!!
Susan Elizabeth Nance, daughter of William Hensley Nance.