O B Robershaw and Lois Love

60th Wedding Anniversary

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Mom and Dad celebrated their 60th wedding Anniversary September 25, 1986. The party was hosted by Lemon Grove Baptist Church, which Marlene and I attended for several years!! It was a fun day for all us kids and Family friends!!
This was the guest register table with memorabilia for Mom and Dad!!
This is another view of mom and Dad posing for the occasion!!
Mom and Dad with us kids!! Reggie on left, Le Verle. Don, Le Merle and Ron on right. It was a tough year for Mom, brother Jack had died earlier in the year, on May 17, 1986.
Dad displaying a plaque presented to them by son Don Robershaw and his wife Sharon. It has a gold plated frame with the number 60 in the upper right hand corner. It also has a cross with two rings and Happy Anniversary!!
This is Mom and Dad with brother Reggie, his son Rick, wife Phyliss and his mother-law , Mildred Wiedman!!
Daughters, Le Merle left of Mom and Le Verle on the right of Dad enjoying the moment!!
Brother Reggie on the left, myself and Family friend Bart Easter on the right. Bart used to hustle sailors on Sunday in San Diego,and take them to 1st Baptist for the service and lunch afterwards. That is how Reggie met him. He also helped Reggie get a job later in life when he was going to College!!
This is me and my daughter Cindy in front. Daughter-in-law Jenny on my right, Marlene in back, her Dad John Marchese, our son Tom, my mother-in-law, Dee Marchese, my son Ritchie, my son-in-law Dave Indseth and his son in front.
Two of Mom and Dad's daughter-in-law's!! My wife Marlene on left and brother Don's wife Sharon on the right!!
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