Maylon Love Mullins and Family 2005

Our delightful hosts, Edsel Mullins, his wife Maylon Love and her brother Billy Love.

Billy & wife Ann on left, Maylon, my wife Marlene and myself. On right is Billy, Maylon and I. It is appropriate that we were standing in front of the book case. Maylon is a retired school teacher and her hobby is reading books!

Maylon and bro. Billy Love on right. I suppose it was also significant  they were in front of the grandfather clock. It was a good visit but melancholy also. Maylon sister Nealger was  unable to attend because of illness, and Billy also had just come from the Dr. with a bad report. He has since had surgery and isThankfully on the mend!!

How do you describe beautiful? This is only one scene from Maylon and Edsel Mullins backyard! Not only did we enjoy the time of fellowship in the Park like environment, we were treated to lunch also! Maylon has put many hours in researching our Love genealogy and was the one that found a link, that our grandfathers were brothers! What a comfort to have someone else that is interested in our heritage.

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